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A plane is judged by it's paint
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It wasn't that long ago when the airlines saw great potential in promoting events, brands or even social issues by using aircraft. They definitely made an impact. So every now and then we see special liveries on airliners. Some of them visited our MRO's - LINETECH and Adria Tehnika. Let's look at the most interesting ones.

One of the most spectacular planes that visited our maintenance base of Adria Tehnika in Ljubljana was Eurowings' A320, that carried Borrusia Dortmund soccer team. Modern aviation paint doesn't need to be white or light colored, so BVB-themed A320 is mostly... black. The plane has a special meaning to the Polish side of Aviaprime Group - owners of LINETECH and Adria Tehnika. Our top scorer, Robert Lewandowski, played in Borussia for quite a few years.


Speaking of the new technologies, Adria Tehnika, expertly installed Sat Internet for the passengers to enjoy Wi-Fi at 37 000 feet.


Let's stay with football a while longer. Recently another special A320 landed at Ljubljana airport. Brussels Airlines serviced a Belgium National Team A320 at Adria Tehnika. Yes, there are apparently two Red Devils in European football. Brussels Airlines proudly holds a name and appearances of the Belgium National Team in the hellish red livery.


Look! It even has horns!


The contrast between red paint and mountains of Slovenia is just astonishing!


Brussels Airlines seems to love special livery aircraft. We now present to you airbus that features the great Tintin. The legendary comic book hero can be seen with his faithful dog Snowy. This one doesn't only take you to your destination. It also takes you back.




This one is really a regular paint job, but Volotea deserves a recognition. Last year, the Spanish airline visited LINETECH base in Rzesz�w, this season Volotea is back in the hangar at Adria Tehnika. The tail is just awesome! It probably wouldn't visit Rzesz�w if it wasn't for our capabilities: the Airbus fleets can be maintained in either Poland or Slovenia, depending on the airline needs.


Our compilation wouldn't be complete without mentioning some of the defunct airlines. European Aviation goes through the time of constant changes, where some airlines disappear or merge. One of those planes at LINETECH was ex-Air Berlin A321. Everyone loves Air Berlin, so seeing this paint job probably for the last time was really heart-breaking for every aviation fan.



We've saved our favorite to the last. Last December we've serviced Nord Star "100% Winter" Boeing 737-800. It promotes 2019's Universiade in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. We have to admit - they did it in the cutest way possible. The front part of an airplane looks like big Husky with a scarf. No matter if you are a dog lover or not, you just have to appreciate this good boy! We certainly do!



Either is a sports event, team or band, childhood hero or an alarming issue (Kudos to you, Airbus and Mirpuri Foundation!) special liveries will always catch our eye. After all, you don't see a billboard flying way up in the sky every day!


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